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Volunteers pitch in to help local organizations

TRURO - The Truro Boys and Girls Club was just one of the places which benefitted from the United Way Day of Caring this year.

The Truro Boys and Girls Club was a busy spot on Friday as 16 volunteers arrived to help clean and organize. Pictured with some of the boxes they emptied are volunteers, from left, Julia Flemming, (Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture); Janet Rushton (Colchester Community Workshops) and Lawrence Cantos (Grant Thornton). Volunteers were brought in as part of a United Way Day of Caring project.

Sixteen volunteers from the Colchester Community Workshops, Grant Thornton and Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture went through the building, scrubbing floors, cleaning windows, dusting shelves and organizing the contents of rooms.

"It's the type of stuff we don't get to do every day and it builds up," said Joanne McCallum, executive director at the club. "Everything went a lot quicker than I expected and what has been done will make the space much more functional for us. We won't have to spend so much time looking for things."

Julia Flemming, of the agriculture department, was one of the volunteers who helped in the building.

"We pulled everything out of the rooms and sorted and dusted before organizing things in plastic bins. Each team knew where they were wanted and what needed to be done."

Projects also took place for the Central Nova Women's Resource Centre, the Homeless Shelter, Third Place Transition House, Colchester Adult Learning Association and Canadian Mental Health Association. Three other projects were postponed due to weather. They involved Maggie's Place, the Colchester Food Bank and the North Shore Recreation Centre.

"Last year we had four projects and we have 10 this year," said Terry Hearn, executive director of the Colchester United Way. "The United Way organizes the volunteers so it's a good opportunity for organizations to get things done."

Anyone interested in getting involved in future Day of Caring events is welcome to contact the United Way at 902-895-9313.

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