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Assault with a knife results in suspended sentence
TRURO - A Truro Heights man who assaulted another man with a knife was given a suspended sentence and placed on 18-months probation this week in provincial court.
Duncan Robert Beaton, 39, of 16 Anita Cr., was ordered to submit a DNA sample, take counselling for anger management and was banned from possessing or using weapons for five years.

Hilden man gets probation for assaulting woman
TRURO - A Hilden man convicted of assaulting a woman was given a conditional discharge and placed on 12 months probation.
Kirk Anthony Bessette, 21, of 1354 Highway 2, had pleaded guilty in August to two counts of assault dating back to March 3 and March 8.
He was also ordered to take counselling for anger management and domestic

Truro man who stole from Zellers gets suspended sentence
TRURO - A man convicted this week of shoplifting from Zellers was given a suspended sentence and placed on 18 months probation.
Matthew Don Robert Spence, 23, of 173 Young St., was also ordered to pay restitution of $99.99, refrain from possessing or consuming alcohol and illicit drugs and must "successfully" take counselling for substance abuse and mental health issues.
He must also stay away from drinking establishments and use reasonable efforts to improve his education or gain employment.

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