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Bible Hill man sent to penitentiary for robbery

Provincial courthouse, Truro. HARRY SULLIVAN/TRURO NEWS
Provincial courthouse, Truro. HARRY SULLIVAN/TRURO NEWS - Harry Sullivan


TRURO, N.S. – Bible Hill man convicted of robbery and other charges was sentenced Wednesday to four years in federal custody.

Brandon Herman Little, 52, of Village Court, who was already in custody on other charges, was sentenced after previously pleading guilty to a charge of robbery dating to July, 2016 in Halifax.

He also pleaded guilty to using an imitation handgun to rob an individual of his sneakers in March 2018, breaking into a residence in December, 2015, resisting arrest in July, 2016 and numerous counts of breaching court recognizances.

In addition to his jail time, Little is banned for life from possessing or owning firearms and must submit a DNA sample to authorities.

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