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Bear, or bears, making visits to Truro this week (VIDEO)

Bear visiting Inglis Place
Bear visiting Inglis Place - Computer screen shot


A couple of bear sightings have been reported in Truro during the last few days.

Late last week, and early Tuesday morning, a bear was spotted in the town.

The first sighting was on Young Street, and the bear headed into the woods when it saw people.

Tuesday morning, around 2 a.m., a bear was seen on Inglis Place. When a car came near it ran up Young Street to a wooded area. It’s not known if the same bear was involved in both sightings.

“We get this every year, and just want people to be aware and call Natural Resources or police if they see one,” said Truro Police Service Inspector Rob Hearn. “There are tips for people to follow to reduce chances of problems with bears.”

-Bear video courtesy of Cathy Buchanan.-

Tips include:

Store garbage indoors or in bear-proof containers. On collection day, put garbage out as close to pick up time as possible.

Keep your green cart in a shady area.

Keep meat or fish scraps in the freezer until collection day.

Keep barbecue grills clean. Store the barbecue indoors if possible.

Remove bird feeders once their natural food sources are available. If you continue feeding, put feeders indoors at night and clean up spillage.

Pick fruit and berries growing near your home.

You encounter a bear:

Stay calm.

Speak in a firm voice and slowly back away.

Don’t look the bear in the eyes.

Leave escape routes open for the bear.

If the bear begins to follow you, drop something - not food - to distract him/her as you move away.

Don’t make threatening gestures or sudden moves unless you’re being attacked.

Don’t run or climb a tree. Bears are very good at these activities

Black bears rarely attack people, but if one does, fight back and make a lot of noise.

More information on avoiding problems with black bears can be found online at

If anyone sees a bear in Truro they are asked to call the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at 902-893-5620 during business hours and 1-800-565-2224 during non-business hours, or Truro Police at 902.895.5351.

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