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Video: Giant doves help mark International Day of Peace in Bass River

Giant Peace Doves were gently flapping their wings in front of a crowd at Veterans’ Memorial Park recently.

International Day of Peace was marked in the Bass River park on September 21, with a ceremony that included large Peace Dove puppets being raised into the air by children from West Colchester Consolidated School.

The doves played a part in a story told during the event, called ‘Peace is a Dream Unfolding,’ which tells story of a woman’s journey to find a mystical peace garden she remembers from her childhood.

“On this International Day of Peace 2018, we remember it’s 100 years since the end of the First World War,’ said Dr. Karen Ewing, who wrote ‘Peace is a Dream Unfolding.’ “Many of us have family members who fought in this war; ‘the war to end all wars,’ yet today, 100 years later, war continues in many parts of our world.”

She said the story she wrote is about the ways people are different, yet the same.

“Different skin, same blood. Different language, same breath. Different beliefs, same mystery. Different creation stories, one creation, and all creation sharing one dream- the dream of peace.”

The doves were built, and used, last year, using designs from the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots program, which is designed to engage youth in projects to better the lives of all creatures, the environment and communities. Five sheets are used to create each dove.

Prayers were provided by faith leaders during the ceremony.

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