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Truro’s ‘Homecoming’ art show includes special memories

Each of the paintings Janice Guinan has created for her latest show has a story from a former classmate behind it.

‘The Homecoming’ contains artwork inspired by the 40th anniversary reunion of the Cobequid Educational Centre Class of 1978.

“My original thought behind the Homecoming show was to have a show that represented the lives of my classmates now, 40 years later,” said Guinan. “I have always done commissions, and have seen the joy they bring to others, so I made an offer to do paintings for those classmates interested in having one in a show. Each painting is very different and each one represents a different individual.”

Her first commissioned paintings were for classmates, when she was in Grade 12.

She began painting to earn her gold award in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards program. One classmate, Nancy Bowers, asked her to paint a picture of a buck, for her father. Another, Mike Denault, requested a drawing of his English setter.

Both of these classmates passed away a few years after graduating, and Guinan has a painting she did a few years ago- ‘Hidden Beach’- hanging in memory of them and other former classmates who’ve died.

Other paintings representing home are also included in the show, which can be seen at the McCarthy Gallery, at the Truro campus of the Nova Scotia Community College, until the end of August.

Guinan’s website can be viewed at

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