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Truro rugby team wins new performance mouth guards

TRURO, N.S. – A local rugby team will be getting a boost in athletics from a new performance enhancing mouth guard.

The Truro Saints senior women’s rugby team will be fitted with New-Age Performance’s new mouth guards, which were recently featured on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, after winning a Facebook contest held by Victoria Court Dental.

“We were extremely excited,” said Meghan MacEachern, vice-president of the Truro Saints Rugby Club women’s team on winning the contest.

“We had players of all ages and past alumni posting and commenting how excited they were for us. There was club-wide excitement, and it’s still kind of rippling through as more members hear about it.”

The contest tasked teams with sharing a post from the Victoria Court Dental page as many times as they could, and the winner would not only get new mouth guards but also personal fittings done by Truro’s Dr. Anil Makkar.

The team found out about the contest after a member found the original post on Facebook, and they instantly started sharing it with everyone they knew.

“Everyone kind of jumped on board and said it was something they wanted to be a part of. Each team member started sharing the post and got their families to share it as well,” said MacEachern.

“All of the girls are excited to see how much confidence this will give us going into a game knowing our teeth are nice and safe.”

Co-designed by Makkar, the mouth guard is supposed to restore the users natural bite and move the jawline forward, allowing the body to straighten out and realign itself, giving it more strength, balance and flexibility.

The team will get fitted for their new mouth guards on Nov. 18, and is excited to work with Makkar to monitor the results and benefits from using it during games.

“For rugby, we don’t have much gear other than a mouth guard, which most players mold themselves,” said MacEachern.

“I’m sure a lot of us haven’t molded them right, so our bites are probably really off. Just to have Dr. Makkar there with his expertise on mouth guards and fittings will be really great.

“It will definitely help us in terms of communication. I also think it will help with our confidence going into a game and we will see a lot of benefits with the balance of our players too.”

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