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Truro man holds first art show two years after he began painting


Colin Bagnell had never painted until two years ago, but one day he decided to give it a try- and he surprised himself.

The Truro businessman enjoyed painting so much he created several pieces and now his first show is taking place at the MacLellan Moffat Financial Art Gallery in the Marigold Cultural Centre.

“My mother paints, and one day I looked at what she was doing and decided to try,” he said. “I found a picture I liked that wasn’t too complicated and painted from that. It turned out a lot better than I expected. That gave me a boost and I decided to do more.”

Something Colin wanted was a portrait of his dog, a chocolate Labrador retriever called Norm. He painted one picture of him, and while it resembled Norm it didn’t quite capture his essence. After more practice he tried again, finishing with a portrait that truly resembled the dog.

He’s now done a few pet portraits for other people.

“I really like painting animals, so I decided to try something different and do African wildlife,’ he said.

His wife, Tammy, was surprised when she saw what he’d created.

"When I first saw Colin's paintings I didn't think he really did them,” she said. “I thought he was doing like he sometimes does with his mother's cooking; he claims it as his own.

“Diane, his mother, is also an artist and I'm convinced he got his natural talent from her.”

No, I am not tempted to paint, myself. A couple of times at paint night is the extent of my painting career"

His mother has been painting for several years and she gave him a few tips. A couple of her paintings are included in the show.

“I‘m really glad I discovered this,” said Colin. “I find painting destresses me. Everything around me is silenced while I paint. I’ve never had anything be so relaxing and meditative.”

Most of Colin’s work is done in acrylics, but he has used silicone in some of the larger pieces.

More of his art can be seen on Facebook at Paint Bags -

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