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Transgender women to be included in Vagina Monologues production

TRURO - This year's production of the Vagina Monologues will feature something the director is really excited about.

Leana Todd, left, and Heather Russell showcase tickets and a poster in support of the Vagina Monologues Dessert Theatre set for Feb. 13 in support of the Central Nova Women's Resource Centre. Todd is directing the production, featuring monologues written by Eve Ensler. A limited number of tickets are still available at the centre on the Esplanade.

The production, in support of the Central Nova Women's Resource Centre, will feature two transgender women.

"We have women in this production we've never had before, including two transgender women," said Leana Todd, who is directing the Vagina Monologues Dessert Theatre set for Feb. 13. "It's really fantastic to celebrate that group. I'm really excited about the transgender women - it's something I've always wanted to include. It's just so powerful."

There are 30 females in this year's production, ranging in age from 12 to almost 80. Four are under the age of 16.

While the women's resource centre has been hosting the fundraising event for at least the last four years, there are a few changes to the format this year.

Heather Russell, the executive director of the centre, said a change in venue, as well as an additional dance, has been made.

"Where Truro is such a small town, and even though people have seen the Vagina Monologues before, they have an idea that it's the same production," said Russell. "Some don't quite grasp that there are different pieces. There are some key monologues done each year, but there are also other different monologues every year. And we don't always have the same women."

She said the change in format this year might bring some of those people who have already seen the performance back to join them again.

While the event had been hosted at the Marigold Cultural Centre in the past, this year it move to the Holiday Inn with a reception at 6 p.m. The show will begin an hour later, with a dance to follow (with cash bar).

"The Vagina Monologues is part of V-Day, which is a global initiative to create awareness and stop violence against women and girls," said Russell. "It's a powerful way to create that message, and a way to give women a chance to be able to stand up and find a voice. It's emotional in the sense that it drives the point across against violence, but at the same time, it's done tastefully. There are feel-good moments in there too.

"It's a very negative issue but it makes women feel good in the sense that there's hope."

She said the centre tries to empower women and strengthen families, and this production helps with that goal.

Tickets are almost sold out for the event, and can be purchased by cash or cheque at the centre on the Esplanade. Tickets are $35, taxes included.

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