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Swimmers, volunteers are busy at Scotia Pool

Scotia Pool
Scotia Pool - Truro Daily News

BIBLE HILL, N.S. – It takes a lot of dedication to keep Scotia Pool open, but the volunteers are moving ahead with programming and fundraising.

“We’re still trying to complete some projects,” said Brenda Geldart, secretary/treasurer with the Scotia Pool Society. “We need to fix brickwork on the exterior, and windows need to be replaced. Both of those things need to be done this spring. There’s also the roof. The main roof, over the pool, was done but the rest still needs to be done.”

Many interior renovations have taken place during the last year, and Geldart said people who haven’t been in for a while are impressed when they see the place.

“The mood is good and our classes are getting bigger,” she noted.

In order to raise funds for repair work, the society is holding its fifth annual “Swim Over to the Pond” fundraiser at The Pond, on Main Street.

“It has been very successful,” said Carolyn Boyd, who is in charge of fundraising. “Last year was our best so far; we raised about $20,000.

“We have Over the Influence playing, and they’re a lot of fun. There’s tons of stuff for the silent auction, and a 50/50 draw. It truly is great fun.”

The event will take place Thursday, Feb. 22, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Admission is by donation at the door.

There will also be an online auction, which will be on the pool’s Facebook page Feb. 10-18. It will include many gift cards, as well as some unusual items like a small red ukulele and folk art carvings.

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