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Snook believes in community


By Monique Chiasson
Truro Daily News
BASS RIVER - Michelle Snook knows how to bring a smile to another person's face.
The Nova Scotia Community College Adult Learning Program student has made her college community a happier place to be involved in. Last year, one of the many volunteer projects she took on was the Christmas angel tree.
Snook erected a tree, helped decorate ornaments and attached a description of a child of fellow college students to the ornaments. Staff and students then purchased gifts for the children.
"I know what it's like to not have a lot," said the Bass River resident. "I like giving, isn't that what Christmas is all about? It's the feeling you get when you help somebody ... parents came up and gave me hugs last year" because of the Christmas angel tree project.
But Snook's volunteerism does not stop there. She has a lengthy list of efforts, including a "trick or eat" drive at the college; a project which gathered donated clothing for needy NSCC students; facilitating a ladies retreat; and participating in Canada Literacy Day in Bass River.
For the literacy day this year, Snook gave a speech at the Bass River Community Centre on what it's like to stay in school, especially when one has a disability. Snook speaks from experience as she has had difficulties decoding phonetics.
"It was my first time talking in front of a large group of people and I was not all that nervous," she said.
In addition, Snook did a presentation at the NSCC as an advocate for students with learning disabilities. She spoke to students with learning problems on what the NSCC is like and helped them check out the college.
"I usually do it if I'm asked to do something. I volunteer because I enjoy it," said Snook. "People should help their community because you may need help from the community in turn (one day)."

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