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Quiz: Amazing women in Atlantic Canada

Clockwise from top, left: Amelia Earhart, Gladys Porter, Sara Corning, Portia White, Dr. Daurene Lewis, Lorie Kane, Rita Joe, Heather Moyse, Ruby Keeler, and MayAnn Francis. FILE / HERALD COMPOSITE
Clockwise from top, left: Amelia Earhart, Gladys Porter, Sara Corning, Portia White, Dr. Daurene Lewis, Lorie Kane, Rita Joe, Heather Moyse, Ruby Keeler, and MayAnn Francis. FILE / HERALD COMPOSITE - FILE

1. American aviatrix Amelia Earhart flew from Harbour Grace, N.L. in 1932, becoming the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. Which Newfoundland village did she take off from for her accompanied crossing four years earlier? A. Torbay B. Carbonear C. Chance Cove D.Trepassey 

2. Gladys Porter was the first female mayor in Atlantic Canada after her 1946 election in Kentville, N.S. In 1960, she became the first woman elected to the Nova Scotia legislature. To commemorate Porter, the following was named after her: A. Kentville’s town hall B.The town’s library C. A bridge in Kentville D. A town street 

3. Daurene Lewis was the first black woman to be elected mayor of a Canadian municipality. She was also a nurse, an accomplished weaver and designer, businesswoman, educator and president of two Nova Scotia Community College campuses. Lewis served as mayor of which Nova Scotiacommunity? A. Stellarton B. Glace Bay C. Yarmouth D.Annapolis Royal 

4. “If I can be of help to women in getting justice, I will,” Sen. Muriel McQueen Fergusson said in her first speech in the Senate. She later served as the first female Speaker of the Senate of Canada. Before becoming a senator, Fergusson had been a judge and a deputy mayor in which province? A. New Brunswick B. Nova Scotia C. Prince Edward Island D. Newfoundland and Labrador 

5.Born in Dartmouth in 1909, Ruby Keeler performed for Broadway, film and TV audiences beginning in the 1920s and had a starring role 42nd Street. In her 60s, Keeler returned to Broadway in the 1970s to perform in what musical? A. No, No, Nanette B. Godspell C. Grease D.Jesus Christ Superstar 

6. Under the male alias Frank Thompson, Sarah Emma (Edmondson) Seelye of Magaguadavic, N.B., served as a soldier and — according to her memoir Nurse and Spy in the Union Army — a spy for Union troops during the American Civil War. After illness forced her to give up her role as Thompson, she worked as a nurse for the remainder of the war. In what state did Seelye die? A. Texas B. Virginia C. Michigan D. Maine 

7.Mikak, an Inuit woman captured and sent to Europe in 1768, later helped negotiate the arrival of Moravian missionaries before her return to what is now Nunatsiavut in Northern Labrador. In what country was she held? A. Germany B. France C. Portugal D. England 

8.Grace Annie (Lockhart) Dawson was the fourth Lockhart sister to attend college, but the first to complete a degree. When she earned her bachelor of science in 1875, she was the first woman in the British Commonwealth to earn a bachelor’s degree. Which university was Lockhart the first female graduate of? A. Dalhousie University B. University of King’s College C. Mount Allison University D. Acadia University 

9. What do Atlantic Canadians Brenda Mary Robertson, Jean Canfield and Helena Squires have in common with Gladys Porter? A. Elected as mayors B. Elected to provincial legislatures C. Married to journalists D. Born in Sydney.

10. In 1993, P.E.I. Premier Catherine Callbeck was the first woman to lead a party to election victory in a Canadian province or territory. As of March 2018, how many Canadian provinces and territories have had only male premiers? A. 0  B. 2  C. 4  D. 6

11. How many LPGA titles has P.E.I. golfer Lorie Kane won since she joined the tour in 1996? A. 8  B. 2  C. 7  D. 4

12. Famous operatic contralto Portia White, who was born in Truro, made her professional singing debut at what age? A. 12 B. 19 C. 30 D. 26 

13. Aileen Meagher and Marjorie Turner-Bailey both represented Nova Scotia internationally in which sport?  A. Hockey B. Track and field C. Figure skating D.Basketball 

14. Mayann Francis, who served as Nova Scotia’s 61st lieutenant-governor, was the first woman in the province to: A. Head the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission B. Serve as the lieutenant-governor C. Serve as ombudsman D. All of the above 

15. Journalist and human rights activist Carrie Best’s career spanned more than 30 years in print and radio. The newspaper she founded in 1946, The Clarion, was the first to publicize the case of Viola Desmond after Desmond’s arrest for sitting in a theatre’s whites-only section in which community? A. Saint John, N.B.  B. Charlottetown, P.E.I.  C. New Glasgow D. Halifax 

16. Nova Scotian Sarah Corning worked with the American Red Cross in the First World War, assisted in relief efforts after the Halifax Explosion and then with assisting the evacuation of thousands of orphans from the city of Smyrna in what is now Turkey. Which monarch honoured Corning in 1923?  A. King George V of the United Kingdom B. King George II of Greece C. King Albert I of Belgium D.Louis II, Prince of Monaco 

17. After her husband died while exploring Labrador in 1903, Ontario-born schoolteacher and nurse Mina Benson Hubbard was so angry about the book his partner published about the ill-fated trip that she: A. Wrote her own book B. Mounted an expedition through the Labrador wilderness herself C. Named a lake after her husband D. All of the above 

18. Between the 1960s and her death in 2007, Mi’kmaq poet Rita Joe wrote and co-wrote seven books of poetry, memoir and anthology, including work about her residential school experience. A 1993 documentary about her life was titled: A. Gentle Warrior B. Song of Eskasoni C. I lost my talk D. Song of Rita Joe 

19. In 1957, Dorothy (Blackie) Drover was the first woman voted into municipal government in Newfoundland and Labrador and was briefly the first female mayor of Clarenville, N.L. However, other council members quit in protest and the election was overturned. How many years passed before Clarenville elected another woman as mayor?  A. 10 B. 25 C. 40 D. Still waiting 

20.  The first woman from Atlantic Canada to be elected a member of Parliament represented a riding in: A. New Brunswick B. Prince Edward Island C. Nova Scotia D. Newfoundland and Labrador Bonus: In 2012, Prince Edward Island’s Heather Moyse was the first Canadian woman to be named to the World Rugby Hall of Fame. Moyse has competed at four Olympic Games in the sport of: A. Rugby B. Bobsleigh C. Cycling D.Soccer

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