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Performers make music and connections at Nova Scotia Music Week


The lobby of the Holiday Inn became the site of some impromptu music Friday afternoon.

Four musicians in Truro for Nova Scotia Music Week hauled in their instruments and provided entertainment.

“I’m part of a project called Shadow, and not all of our regular members could come,” said singer and guitarist Bethany Fulde. “Shadow can be very fluid. Sometimes I perform solo, sometimes I’m with one or two other musicians, and sometimes there’s a six-piece band.”

She was joined on Friday by Andrew Jackson, a trombonist who performs with Shadow, as well as with Roxy and the Underground Soul Sound; Seamus Erskine, a drummer who performs with The Brood, and Dave Fultz, a bassist with Beach Bait.

“This is my first time here (NSMW) in three years, but I attended five or six years in a row before,” she said. “Shadow has been performing in Halifax for about a year, and has a double EP coming out in March. Because we’re quite new, I’m not looking at anything international. I’m meeting with people from Maritime festivals.

“With Nova Scotia Music Week, everything is available and it’s up to you to reach out.”

Graham Ereaux, who performs as Devarrow, did make some valuable international connections through Music Week.

“It’s been amazing,” he said. “I got a European booking agent through it two years ago, and I’ve been there four times now. I’ve performed in most of the countries in the EU.”

He’s performing, attending workshops and taking in some of the shows while in town this year. He hopes to make connections that will help him get a song included in a movie or TV show.

“This is a great opportunity to get a grasp on how the industry works,” he said. “As musicians, we can get focused on music and art, but we have to look at this business side, and this is a good reminder of that.”

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