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Parrsboro Film Festival being held this month




There’s sure to be some interesting conversation sparked by the offerings in this year’s Parrsboro Film Festival.

The three-day festival runs from Friday, Oct. 27, to Sunday, Oct. 29, with all screenings taking place at The Hall, 44 King St., Parrsboro.

“The 2017 films are a wonderful mix of stories that we think will engage the heart and spark some conversation as well about timely social/political concerns,” said Parrsboro Film Festival producer Helen Tyson. “It’s a very entertaining selection with a rich variety of cinematic styles and stories of heart and emotional depth.”

Things kick off at 6 p.m. Friday with the Gala Evening of Music, followed by Kunstglaser, which is directed by Ben Proudfoot. This documentary is a vivid depiction of the life and work of Nova Scotia stained glass master craftsman (“Kunstglaser”) Norbert Sattler, who will be attending the festival on opening night.

Next, John Walker, will introduce his award winning documentary, Quebec My Country Mon Pays, which charts the aftermath of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution.

Men of The Deeps is next, which has members of Cape Breton’s Men of the Deeps chorus reflect on the closure of a mine and the impact on their community.

Saturday includes the Short Film Competition during the morning.

The Beautifully Drowned, a story of an unhappy wife who longs for her husband to drown at sea, will be shown during the afternoon, with writer/director Jon Dewar providing an introduction.

The second cinematic adventure of the afternoon is Perfume War, a biography/war drama about a woman who won’t give up on a best friend who was struck in the head by a Taliban axe. Perfume War will be introduced by cinematographer Victor Stegemann.

The gourmet festival dinner at BlackRock Bistro tops off the afternoon, and the evening resumes with the international hit Maudie. Alan Deacon, an expert on the life and work of Maud Lewis, will introduce the film and lead a question-and-answer afterwards. Saturday’s screenings end with The River of My Dreams: A Portrait of Gordon Pinsent. Director Brigitte Berman will be available at film’s end to chat with the audience.

Sunday starts off with a free session offering two short films.  The Water of Life is a mix of four short tales from Canadian history woven into a single story, and the showing will be followed by a question-and-answer with the director. After this, there are three more short films – Dream Canoe, Little Thunder and Honour Song – presented by Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy, with a question period afterward.

The festival ends Sunday afternoon with Head Space, written and directed by Nicole Steeves, who will introduce the film. It is a dark comedy about a man so agoraphobic he can’t even open his door, but who has been summoned to jury duty. Next is Paco Arango’s The Healer, a romance/drama about a young man who discovers a talent he never knew he had: the gift of healing.

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