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Nova Scotia artist celebrates the release of his fifth album

Ian Alistair Gosbee’s latest album, Life is Good, has just been released. It contains all original music.
Ian Alistair Gosbee’s latest album, Life is Good, has just been released. It contains all original music. - Contributed

Some of the music on Ian Alistair Gosbee’s latest album was written with the help of a child’s xylophone.

The Nova Scotia musician takes every opportunity to be creative and sometimes he’s entertaining his two-year-old son at the same time.

“I also spend time singing the alphabet and making up fun stuff, while he plays his toy piano or beats on the drum kit,” said Gosbee.

“There are challenges with a little one, but one day my wife remarked that we were getting through things and ‘life is good.’ When I heard that I really liked the sound of it for a title.”

‘Life is Good,’ his fifth album, has just been released on digital streaming platforms.

“It’s all original music on my albums,” he said. “This one is pop rock type music with a lot of guitar and piano. The 2016 one, ‘East Coast Road Trip, had a lot of fiddle and bagpipes.”

Gosbee grew up in Amherst, but his father is from Truro and he often spent time visiting family and performing in the area.

His father was a piper with the Black Watch so he was exposed to live music from a young age, and his first lessons were on the violin. He went on to learn to play several instruments. When he was in school he took part in a band program where members often performed at seniors’ homes and he still takes his music to seniors and children’s hospitals on a volunteer basis.

“Music has always been a big part of life for me,” he said. “I’ve had difficult situations and music has always been there to calm and soothe the soul. I love sharing it.”

Gosbee, who lives in Beaver Bank, is currently scheduling performance dates for this year and he hopes some of those will be in Truro.

He’s received several awards and his music is played on many radio stations.

To check out his music, visit Reverbnation or check out Ian Alistair Gosbee Music on Facebook.

Life is Good
Life is Good



Life is Good: Released March 21, 2019

East Coast Road Trip: Released Oct. 17, 2016

Life Gets in the Way: Released Dec. 12, 2012

Invisible: Released Jan. 13, 2012

Music: Released June 28, 2011

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