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Mount Denson farmer unearths surprising find while digging potatoes

Darrell McDow, with six potatoes joined together.
Carole Morris-Underhill – Hants Journal
Darrell McDow, with six potatoes joined together.Carole Morris-Underhill – Hants Journal



A Hants County man who has been gardening for decades was caught off guard this fall while harvesting his potato plants.

Darrell McDow, and his wife, Goldie, are still astonished by the unusual-shaped spud that was unearthed in Mount Denson in October.

“I've never seen one like it,” said McDow, holding up the oddity.

The potato in question isn't just one potato – it's six distinct potatoes that grew as one.

“I've seen three (connected) but not six.”

The McDows believe the potato is of the Chieftain variety.

“People are typically just amazed because nobody has ever seen one like it,” said the retired CKF millwright.

But that wasn't the only unusual vegetable the 81-year-old hobby farmer grew this season. Two beefsteak tomatoes grew stem-to-stem, appearing as one seamless tomato. While the couple kept the potato, they gave the tomato away.

“Afterwards, I lamented. We should have kept it so when we cut it open, we could see just how it was connected,” said Goldie McDow of the tomato. “It was a bumper crop this year for tomatoes.”

As for what the McDows plan to do with the potato, they're pretty sure they're going to eat it.

“We've got to see what it's like,” he said.


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