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MADD red ribbon campaign launched in Colchester



Kathleen Foster-Alfred has met many victims of drunk driving and is passionate about letting people know how dangerous it is.

Id always admired MADD for the work its done in changing our thoughts, but theres still an element of people who feel this entitlement to drive impaired, said Foster-Alfred, who is president of MADD Cobequid. Sometimes these arent bad people but they make a mistake.

We have to keep raising awareness of the danger and the fact that its not acceptable.

One way they do this is with Project Red Ribbon, distributing ribbons through check stops and local businesses. People are encouraged to show support by tying a ribbon to their car, handbag, bicycle, backpack, briefcase and other things. Theyre then welcome to share photos on MADD Canadas Facebook page. A list of businesses hosting red ribbon boxes will be available on the MADD Cobequid website.

The local chapter recently purchased a kit that allows people to experience how marijuana affects things like hand-eye coordination. Members are ready to take it to schools and community events.

Foster-Alfred reminds people also to be cautious with prescription drugs, as many of them can affect driving skills.

With many festive celebrations at this time of year the risk for impaired driving is especially high. People are encouraged to plan ahead if theyre going to be drinking or consuming drugs, ensuring a sober driver will take them home. Those who see drivers they suspect are impaired are encouraged to call 911.

We get so much support when were out doing anything, added Foster-Alfred. Were looking forward toworking with everyone to keep people safe.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the red ribbon campaign.

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