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Local author publishes new suspense novel

VALLEY – What’s happening beyond the cornfield in Tatamagouche? Bonna Mae Chapman’s latest book has the answer.

Bonna Mae Chapman’s latest book, “Beyond the Cornfield,” is set in the Tatamagouche area.

“Beyond the Cornfield,” Chapman’s third dramatic suspense novel, is now available digitally and in print.

“I set this one in Tatamagouche because I know the area and I like small communities,” she said. “The others were set in Debert, where I grew up, and Parrsboro. It’s a lot of fun writing stories set in communities I know.”

Chapman is now focusing on digital versions of her books because they are so much more affordable.

“People can buy a book for about $4 instead of $17,” she said. “I did have some printed for people who bought the other books and didn’t want digital and I can get more printed if people want them.”

Chapman wrote stories for her son and his friends when they were young but never wrote a book until 2003, after taking an online course. Her first five books were for children and followed the adventures of a character called Hanna Rae.

“My dad and grandfather were big storytellers and I always liked reading,” she said. “I’m writing these books because I enjoy it.

“I have hundreds of pages of notes with ideas and some with words I just like the sound of. Spiral is one of those words. I write a loose outline for a story and allow characters to have freedom but sometimes I have to bring them back in line for the ending.”

Chapman is working on her next book, which will be set in Windsor and will include quite a bit of humour. It’s planned as the first of a series.


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