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Former CEC student nominated for Top 17 of 2017

Emma Landry
Emma Landry


Emma Landry feels honoured just to be nominated for the SHAD Top 17 of 2017, but she’d still like your vote.

The former Cobequid Educational Centre student, who is now studying computer science and software development at Queen’s University, wasn’t aware of the nomination until her mother messaged her.

“It was kind of surprising,” she said. “The SHAD program is so far reaching and so many people are part of it. Just to be on the short list with people like Michele Romanow, and people shortlisted for the astronaut program is great.”

Landry’s listing on the SHAD site mentions her efforts to educate the community about LGBTQ+ issues.

“My idea to make change for the better was to have LGBTQ studies to try and erase ignorance, violence and misunderstanding,” she said.

She was a member of the CEC Gender Sexuality Alliance.

Landry also took part in a SHAD summer program (which brings together exceptional high school students), where she worked on a food sustainability project for northern Canada. Her group came up with an idea for a device that could be attached to ships to break ice, removing the need for expensive modifications.

She helped out in the community as a Special Olympics swim coach, and started a math-tutoring program during the teachers strike. She is currently a member of Robo Gals.

“We go into elementary schools around Kingston and do presentations and games to try and help young girls feel like they have a place in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). They’re pretty male-dominated fields and we want to let them know it’s an option for them. Kids get so inspired, it’s really cool to see.”

Landry’s own passion for sciences led to a three-week internship at Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute last summer.

During her final year at CEC she performed in Rock of Ages, and she’s still involved in performing, with both Queen’s musical theatre and a female a cappella group.

To vote for Landy in the Top 17 of 2017 visit . Voting ends Dec. 31.




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