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Colchester council adds accountability requirements for grant applications

TRURO, N.S. – Applicants for non-profit and economic development grants through the Municipality of Colchester will be required to provide a bit more accountability than was previously required.

“Anyone who is brand new, who puts an application in, we would like them to do a presentation,” said Mayor Christine Blair, of a change in policy for non-profit organizations or economic development groups seeking municipal grants.

Likewise for any grant requests greater than $5,000.

“Because at one time we gave them the option of doing a presentation or not,” Blair said. “Now we’re saying we need to be able to ask you questions and things of that nature.”

Presentations are not required by non-profit or economic development groups that have received grants for less than $5,000 during the past couple of years.

Economic development grants are normally only provided for the first three years of a given event. But if a group did want to apply for a fourth grant, a presentation before council now will be required.

Under the new rules, non-profit organizations must be either an incorporation body or a registered charity and applicants must demonstrate that their activities will primarily benefit citizens of Colchester County.

As well, capital project applications over $1,000 must be accompanied by a contractor quotation for the work and organizations must demonstrate their need for assistance by indicating financial status and fundraising efforts.

Another change will require organizations that receive grants of more than $1,000 to submit a completed grant report form along with photographs and stories about the grant-supported activity are encouraged.



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