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Colchester adult learners, and artist, inspired by Maud Lewis


An exhibit at the Marigold Cultural Centre is filled with unique items inspired by the work of Maud Lewis.

In ‘You, Me and Maud’ pieces by students and staff at the Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA) join the artwork of textile artist Laura Kenney.

“Many learners, because of their own challenges, could relate to Maud Lewis,” said Sarah Thornham, a CALA instructor. “I’ve seen them rise above and find the bright spots too.”

The community essentials class was studying Nova Scotia authors and artists, and

spent time learning about Maud. They also saw the film ‘Maudie’ and travelled to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia to see the Maud Lewis collection.

Kenney spoke to students about her Maud-inspired work, and invited them to add pieces to the show she had booked for the MacLellan Moffatt Financial Art Gallery, at the Marigold.

Eight members of the community essentials class, and six students from other CALA programs, contributed work, which included painting, photography and sculpture.

One eye-catching piece is a mural, with tiles painted in bright colours by participants.

“We talked about what we love the best, for inspiration for the tiles,” said Thornham. “We have information next to it so people could tell a little about the image they chose.

“Having these things on display is exciting for the students. It gives their work legitimacy, and it’s a great end for the project.”

‘You, Me and Maud’ also includes the colourful hooked pieces created by Kenney.

The show will be on display until the end of October.

Along with community essentials, CALA also offers adult learning Levels 1 and 2, and GED prep courses. Registration is ongoing.

More information is available by contacting , 902-895-2464 or 902-895-2468.

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