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Children are reminded to write to Santa by Dec. 11

It's time to write to Santa.
It's time to write to Santa.


Children are reminded to write to Santa before December 11if they would like to receive a personalized response by Christmas.


Writing to Santa is easy:

- Always include a return address

- Mail your letter by December 11

- Send your letter to:







Other interesting facts include:


In Canada, letters to Santa do not require postage.

Santa replied to more than 1.6 million letters in 2016.

The program has averaged a million letters a year for more than 15 years, more than 1.5 million for the past three years!

Santa receives (and answers) letters in 39 languages (including Braille).

Thousands of Postal Elves help Santa with this monumental task! They volunteer more than 260,000 hours to help Santa.

Canada Post has been helping Santa with his mail, as a national program, for 36 years… local programs began even earlier.

Since the national program began, Santa’s North Pole Post Office has answered more than 27.8 million letters.


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