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Bass River teen finishes on top at Debert Bunker Royale tournament


Mason MacBurnie started off June on a high note, winning the first Bunker Royale tournament and going home with $600.

The 14-year-old Bass River resident competed against 27 others in the Fortnite competition.

“I was very nervous, but it was very much fun,” he said. “I play Fortnite on a team with my friends but at the bunker it was more competitive and all the people were new to me.”

He said Fortnite is his favourite game and he would like to compete in another tournament.

In Fortnite Battle Royale players compete online, eliminating opponents in an effort to be the last person standing.

The tournament at the Debert bunker allowed players to compete in matches and gain points, with the top 10 returning to play in the finals while others cheered them on.

“We have special lighting effects that make it very immersive,” said Tyler Fields, even organizer/manager at the bunker. “We had people come from as far as Moncton to play.

“This is the first dedicated space for esports in the area and we hope these tournaments will be a monthly or bi-monthly event. We hope to add more games down the road.”

The next tournament is scheduled for July 6.

In March, Fortnite creator Epic Games reported that more than 250 million people have registered accounts to play the game. Playing is free but players often buy customization items such as outfits and accessories.

The bunker is also offering laser tag and tours.

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