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Trailer Park Boys back in Truro to film new season

Preparing for filming on day 2 of the new season of Trailer Park Boys.
Preparing for filming on day 2 of the new season of Trailer Park Boys.

TRURO, NS - There are some well-known ‘criminals’ at the Truro Police Station this week.

The Trailer Park Boys are back to do some filming for their new season and, not surprisingly, some of their scenes involve jail cells. For allowing them to film at the station, they donated $1,000 to Safe Grad.

“It’s good karma for the show,” said Shaun Clarke, location manager. “In some of the scenes we portray, even though they’re fiction, there’s some pretty bad behaviour.”

Monday (June 19) was the first day filming the new season.

“Truro Police Service has been very helpful,” said Clarke. “They go out of their way to facilitate us in any way they can.”

He said they’ve been shooting scenes at the station for five years, and always give to Safe Grad for use of the space.

Perparing for Trailer Park Boys filming at the Truro Police Station.
Extra ‘prisoners’ in town for Trailer Park Boys filming were, from left,Alex Smith, Steve Gannon and Jason Fenwick.

Three of the extras who were on scene Tuesday were there to play prisoners. They are all fans of the show, and travelled from Halifax to play parts.

Alex Smith was contacted around 11:30 p.m. Monday night but he didn’t hesitate.

“I had a free day so this meant a couple of bucks, something interesting and a good experience,” he said. “I recently made the switch to modeling, teaching and performing full time, they needed a body and I love the Trailer Park Boys, so why wouldn’t I take part.”

He said he grew up in rural Nova Scotia (Hantsport) and is comfortable with the show.

Trailer Park Boys is one of Steve Gannon’s favourite shows so he’s excited to be a part of it.

“It has a lot of relatable characters,” he said. “I think we all know people outside of the show that remind us of people on the show.”

Being on set is nothing new for Jason Fenwick; this is the third or fourth time he’s played a part on the show. Three years ago his son, who was seven at the time, also had a part.

Scenes now being filmed will be available for viewing in April 2018.

Truro Police Constable Edwin Reynolds accepts a cheque for Safe Grad from Trailer Park Boys cast members John Dunsworth, centre, and Patrick Roach.
The Trailer Park Boys are filming in Truro again.
Patrick Roach has some last minute makeup applied before filming for the Trailer Park Boys.
Filming for the Trailer Park Boys is taking place at the Truro Police Station.


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