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Métis artist’s healing art on display at NovelTea in Truro


If you catch Jacquie Boucher at work, you might find her absorbed in a world of music and paint as she creates magical images.

“When I paint, I listen to music and let the music guide me,” she said. “I don’t have any ideas about what I’m going to paint first. It’s like spirits are painting through me.”

Painting has provided Boucher with not only a way to express herself, but one to connect her with her Métis heritage and gain strength.

“When my dad, who was part Cree, passed away I felt the need to explore my native roots and search for a bigger understanding of life and healing,” she said. “March is the anniversary of his death and this is a celebration of his life and my healing.”

Boucher grew up on a farm in Alberta, where her father helped develop her love of music, making her a fiddle and teaching her to play.

“For Métis, music is a big part of life,” she said. “Our family would get together and play a lot.

“I listen to all types of music while I’m painting, and sometimes take breaks to read philosophical quotes.”

Boucher’s art has gone through big changes over the years. She began by painting colourful folk art pictures, but after a while didn’t find that fulfilling.

“I paint a lot of magical clouds and spiritual seekers now. Clouds are so symbolic of life. They’re always changing.”

She’s also encouraged her sons, who are on the autism scale, to express themselves through art.

“Art is incredibly healing,” she said. “It gives me strength and helped me understand more about who I am and why I am. I’m more grounded and connected to my past.”

Boucher earned her Bachelor of Design at NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) and studied for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Dalhousie University and Athabasca University. She lives in Hammonds Plains and has been a professional artist since 2009.

Some of her paintings are on display at NovelTea Bookstore Café for the month of March. Her work can also be seen online at

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