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Truro man captures close up video of visiting fox

Fox - Contributed

Gordie McInnis’ morning was brightened by a close encounter of the furry kind.

He stops by the Robie Street Irving almost every morning, but on Wednesday, Oct. 24, he saw something he’d never seen before- a little red fox sitting on the edge of a curb.

“I’ve been living here 20 years, stopping here every day, and this if the first time I’ve seen a fox around,” he said. “I’ve never seen a fox I could get so close to.

“He was wet and seemed cold, so I did feed him some banana bread. I don’t people say you shouldn’t feed them, but he just seemed hungry.”

Someone told him the fox came through the nearby roundabout, so the animal may have been disoriented at the time.

Staff at the Irving said they hadn’t seen the fox in the area before, and he doesn’t appear to have returned since Wednesday.

Foxes are not dangerous to people, and when seen around built up areas are usually just searching for food. The main prey for a fox is rodents, and the fields and marshland are ideal hunting areas for them.

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