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Time Warp: A look back at the Truro Daily News


25 years ago


Residents worried about destruction

WENTWORTH - Destruction of recreation in the Wentworth Valley and Folly Lake is what we're dealing with, says Carol Hyslop, pointing to a map outlining the proposed route for a twinned Trans-Canada Highway between Truro and Amherst.

She and other members of the Wentworth Valley Environment Protection Association stood strong in their opposition to the route during a day-long Department of Transportation public session held to discuss the project.

Few people will debate the need for the $160-million twinning project. Highway 104 has been the site of numerous fatal vehicle accidents, especially in the Wentworth area where the road narrows. At issue is a proposed route introduced to the public in September by the transportation department.

Upgraded Harlow Institute open for public viewing

TRURO - Members of the public will have an opportunity to visit and tour Nova Scotia Agricultural College's Harlow Institute during an open house.

The event ... is designed to familiarize the public with services offered by both the plant and animal industry branches of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing.

The Harlow Institute has undergone extensive renovations to meet the needs of the agriculture industry during the past year.

TPAC supports proposed nursing home development

TRURO - A proposed $2.5-million nursing home development for the west side of Young Street has received the support of the Truro town planning advisory committee in principal.

Charles Dale, who operates Townsview Estates, is negotiating the purchase of 7.36 acres of land by Selby Purdy and Son Limited and has requested a rezoning from R-6 to S-1 to pave the way for the development.

TPAC chairman, Coun. John Wheelock, said the 50-bed nursing home "is something there's a need for in this community" and noted "in principal there's absolutely no problem in anyone's point of view to the rezoning."

60 years ago


Garbage deposited in P.O. receptacle

TRURO - Will Bill Cook was making the rounds of the post office lobby recently, emptying waste baskets, he discovered that one patron of the post office had deposited a bundle of garbage including tin cans in one of the receptacles.

Unofficial comment of Gordon T. Purdy, MP for Colchester-Hants, was, "people expect the government to do everything for them; even to taking away their garbage."

Construction of new motel underway

TRURO - Construction of a $30,000 motel has started at 163 Willow St., and the proprietor of the new modern structure, McCusker Brown, said today that plans call for the work to be finished by the first of the year.

Featuring hot water heating with base board radiation, the motel will comprise seven units to start with and allow a possible expansion in the future to as many as 50 units. Soundproofing will be effected by the use of thermocrete walls, the components parts of which are slag and cement combined in specified proportions.

NSAC registration highest in decade

TRRO - Parker Cox, registrar of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Bible Hill, today announced registrations in the farm class and the advanced class total 11 in each case, thus bringing the total overall registration to 101, the highest since the immediate post-war years when many veterans were enrolled.

100 years ago


Clifton farmers are wide awake

In these days of poor seeds on the market with the consequent loss to farmers, the wide-awake agriculturists of the Clifton district, Colchester County, met ... and after some discussion on the subject that brought them together, they formed themselves into a society to be known as the Clifton Garnet Chili Seed Center.

The object is the raising of better seeds, but especially the growing of the Garnet Chile potatoes for which the soil of that district is so wonderfully adapted.

Italy will assist allies in Balkans if necessary

Special dispatch to Daily News

A London cable to the Herald this morning says, "Dr. E.J. Dillion, discussing Italy's attitude in the Daily Telegraph, says he thinks if Great Britain, France and Russia agree that for the moment the military center of gravity is in the Balkan Peninsula and present the matter to the Italian government in the correct perspective, the attitude of Rome will undergo a modification and the Italian troops will join the other Allies in fighting the Austro-Germans, Bulgarians and Turks.

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