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Peace Light coming to Truro


A tradition designed to promote peace around the world will cast its light in Truro in the coming weeks.

The Peace Light of Bethlehem will be here Feb. 14 and those who wish to are invited to light a candle from the flame.

The light will be at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14.

“This is the first time it’s been to eastern Canada and we wanted to share it with the community,” said Bill Huey, a member of The Guiding Light, the organization hosting event. “Each year it’s given to organizations to promote peace.”

Since 1986, an Austrian child has gone to Bethlehem shortly before Christmas to light a lantern from the flame. In 1989, the tradition spread to other counties when Scouts arranged to share it across Europe.

A couple of times, because of conflict in the Middle East, young people from the Bethlehem area transported the flame.

“On Dec. 24 the lantern arrived in Finland and a friend in Finland asked me if I’d be interested in receiving the flame,” said Huey.

“She lit a candle from the flame, let it burn a bit and then blew it out and sent the candle. On Feb. 14, we’ll re-ignite the flame and share a message of peace.”

The Peace Light is not based on religious beliefs or political viewpoints; it simply exists to spread the message of peace.

Anyone wishing to take a light from the flame is asked to bring their own candle to the event.

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