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Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition grounds getting a new look


Darrelyn Hubley’s goal is to see the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition grounds generating enough money to pay for itself.

In an effort to draw business that will enable it to do that, several changes have been taking place. The row of old barns that used to stand by the fence next to the horsemen’s club have been demolished, the 4-H barn is being renovated, and there’s a variety of work going on at the MacMillan Show Centre.

“We’re trying to put our best foot forward,” said Hubley. “Contractors are working on the MacMillan – painting, replacing steps and boards, and putting in new windows. It’ll be so much brighter. People won’t need the lights on to ride in here during the day.”

The arena is also getting new footing. The old soil has been hauled out, and has been placed on the infield of the track. It will be spread and used for truck and tractor pulls. The new footing will have a layer of crusher dust, covered with high-quality top sand.

Shaw Resources is providing sponsorship, giving the facility the top sand at half price.

The 4-H barn is getting a major renovation, thanks to funding the organization received. The outdoor ring next to that barn now has new fencing, and will also be getting new footing.

Hubley said she would eventually like to see a new barn built where the old ones once stood.

“We’ll keep working on things between events,” she said. “Our focus is to get back to what people remember the exhibition as being. We want to make this a place for everybody.”

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