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Nova Scotia OspreyCam provides a peek at the life of big birds

The OspreyCam is live again.
The OspreyCam is live again. - computer screenshot

People around the world can watch a pair of osprey hatch eggs and raise their young, as the OspreyCam goes live.

For the past few summers, a webcam, hosted by Nova Scotia Power, has shared a view of day to day life in an osprey nest.

Ethel and Oscar have just rebuilt the nest for this year and viewers can watch them online at

Osprey often next on high structures such as power poles and transmission towers, causing a safety risk to themselves and a potential for power outages. For 40 years, NS Power has worked with the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry (DLF) to protect the birds through the Osprey Management Program. Nests are monitored and sometimes moved to safer platforms. The nest used by Ethel and Oscar was relocated from a utility pole in 2001, after it caught fire, and the birds have returned to it each year.

“So far this year, we’ve moved nine osprey nests to a safe distance from powerlines,” said Glenn Goudey, environmental manager with NS Power. “Our goal is always to protect the osprey and disturb the birds as little as possible, particularly during the most critical time periods.”

Staff at the Museum of Natural History answer questions about the osprey through social media - #OspreyCamNS.

Last year, the OspreyCam received more than 200,000 views.

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