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Nova Scotia company encouraging people to share stories of kindness

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A new contest is giving people the opportunity to tell heartwarming stories and a chance to win money for their favourite charity.

Seaside Communications, based in Sydney, is encouraging people to share a story of a random act of kindness. Judges will then choose their favourite story and $1,000 will be donated to a registered charity chosen by the writer.

“We want to highlight the acts kindness people do every day,” said Angela Bresson, manager of social media relations with Seaside Communications. “We want to showcase how giving people are, and I love to hear the stories.

“People don’t have to tell their own story; it can be something a mom, sister or friend did.”

In December, the company took the money that had been set aside for a Christmas party and donated it to ServiCom employees who lost their jobs when that business went bankrupt.

“We got a very positive response and we wanted to keep the momentum going,” said Bresson. “I think sharing these stories will encourage others to help, as well as let people know about the volunteer opportunities available.”

Stories can be shared on the Seaside Communications Facebook page at  until Feb. 28. They will them be reviewed by a panel of judges, consisting of Lynne McCarron, from the United Way, Pam Leader from the Savoy Theatre; and Tyrone Levingston, from the Cape Breton Highlanders, who will choose their favourite. The winner will be notified though Facebook and be awarded the prize of choosing the charity to receive the $1,000 donation.

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