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Labour shortage causing delays with new Tatamagouche school



A shortage of workers at the new regional academy in Tatamagouche is contributing to construction delays that have pushed back its opening until next spring.

“The scheduled opening in January had to be delayed due to several factors which affected the progression of work, including enhancements to improve program space,” said Marla MacInnis, spokeswoman with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, which is responsible for the project.

“The general contractor has also experienced some manpower challenges,” she said.

MacInnis said the goal is to have the primary-to-grade-12 school completed as soon as possible while ensuring the building is safe and fully functional for staff, students and the larger community, prior to opening.

Specific details on the labour challenges were not immediately available.

But it is the second time in a week the issue of a worker shortage has been expressed in Colchester County.

On Friday, the Truro Daily News published a story involving Stanfield’s Ltd., indicating the company has decided to solicit part-time employees who are being invited to discuss flexible work schedules in an effort to deal with the challenge of filling its workforce.

Operations director Mike Lee said this is the first time in the company’s century-plus history it was initiating a part-time worker policy.

Tatamagouche Regional Academy is expected to have enrolment of approximately 440 students. The facility will be replacing North Colchester Regional High and Tatamagouche Elementary schools.

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