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It makes the community look like a bit of a war zone


Garbage sits curbside along Queen Street. Truro councillors are frustrated some residents put their spring cleanup items out at the wrong time or placed items that are not acceptable.

TRURO - Truro's spring cleanup has come and gone but the mess remains around parts of the town and councillors are not impressed.
Ward 3 councillor Greg MacArthur said there are piles of trash, including old mattresses and more, on Queen and Walker streets. The mess looks bad on "beautiful Truro," the councillor said, suggesting it gives the impression of an ongoing spring cleanup that lasts for months.
"It's disgusting," he said during council on Monday, "especially when you come into Walker Street from Bible Hill, that's the main street going right into your town."
A quick drive down the street shows just what MacArthur is talking about near the Walker and Queen streets intersection.
Garbage bags, old furniture, doors, a
fan and more are spread a few feet from the sidewalk.
The town has cleanups in both the spring and fall and sends the information to all residents. This spring's cleanup ran from April 20 to 24.
"I don't think it's up to the town now. If it is we should charge them to go around and pick up truckloads of garbage out in front of your house," MacArthur said.
He noted it is a small portion of the public which is not following the rules with, he estimates, about 99 per cent of the town residents doing the right thing.
Mayor Bill Mills said some of the articles left curbside are not acceptable.
Ward 2 Coun. Charles Cox said he was "appalled" by the lack of responsible behaviour of some residents.
"When it's very obvious that it's not going to be picked up, because it is the wrong type of article, it just continues to sit there," he said. "These people see what they have done. They come out their front door and see the trash sitting there and choose to ignore it."
Cox said it has been a problem in the past and needs to be addressed once and for all.
"It makes the community look like a bit of a war zone," he added.
Council instructed the chief administrative officer and town solicitor to draft a bylaw.

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