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Hey there, It’s me Kathy: We have lots of time again

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

My week could have been summed up with three words: dimmela after .

I went to Halifax recently with my dad. The appointment went well but halfway there Dad didnt look well. He was having a hard time breathing and chest pains. They took him in immediately and staff did every test they could for his heart. Dad had open-heart surgery years ago and he has mild heart problems at different times.

They did X-rays on his lungs to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia. Nope, everything was clear there. He did have an infection so they gave him an antibiotic and he is feeling better now.

To add to the excitement, on the way home from the hospital, we almost landed back at the hospital when a large deer jumped out in front of us. We could have touched him, he was that close.

Ha… Dad said he was going to look for fur on his car the deer was that close. Someone was taking care of us that day.

Regarding my health, the pain level is at a six. Weight wise – 144.2. Oops, here I go again, but I will be off the steroids this week.

I saw my oncologist, who told me that when he saw me a month ago I had two months to live. Now he says the brain tumour is hopefully all gone, and I am back!

He was so happy. He said we have lots of time again and he told the nurses, “She’s back.” I do, however, have five new cancer spots: two spine discs, my hip has increased, and two ribs. And I have a larger spot on my liver.

So I will be getting a heart scan and if everything is fine I will be starting my chemo drugs again. I need your fingers and toes crossed and lots of prayers that my heart is strong enough to start chemo. I can’t wait to start it so I can start the stronger fight.

I also recently went to healing touch and the treatment I had was unreal. What a difference, and it felt great!

Hope all is well with you, my friends. Until next week!


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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