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Hey there, it's me... Kathy: It’s time to take care of your feet

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

It was sort of an up and down week, to some extent.

I still get very dizzy if I look down or up. I went shopping and couldn't look at anything on the top or bottom shelves. I needed a cart to hang onto and I was scared I was going to fall over or throw up – and that would have been embarrassing. The whole room spins.

I see people out having fun and I feel so left out. I decided to paint some ceramics, which I used to do  a lot so I still have some supplies. It's a change of pace and I think about the painting, not ‘poor me.’

Chemo went OK last week. I'm glad it doesn't take long anymore. With the new drug it went from five hours to 45 minutes – what a difference.

Some tips I’ve embraced that do help with overall well-being include remembering to moisturize every day. It’s best after your shower or bath; it soaks into the skin deeper when it’s damp. Don't forget your face.

And if you can't get out to exercise do some at home even if it's walking around the coffee table when the commercials are on, or after every show you watch make it 10 minutes before the next show. It will get the blood circulating. Don't say I can't because there’s no such thing as can't.

This is the time of the year to take care of your feet. You don't need all the expensive creams; just get a jar of vitamin E skin cream, soak your feet in warm water, get a plastic basin bowl at the dollar store, then dry them off well and put on the cream (you can put that on all your body for moisturizer). All that's missing in the cream is the perfume. It will take a week or so but you will notice the difference. They will get nice and soft.

Do you know that even though it’s not summer we can still get a sunburn on our faces, so wear lotion or makeup with sunscreen. With the sun shining and the glare off the snow you should also wear sunglasses on bright days.

Whatever you do, don't go out and try to shovel. Even young men who have not been exercising can have a heart attack. Exercise before you go out.

Thank you for all the Christmas and birthday cards and gifts, it means so much. And all the good vibes, it’s nice to know how much you care. Speaking of good vibes, I still have hair falling out the back where I had the radiation on my brain. I have to get a full body scan on Jan. 21 so I need you to send out good vibes and fingers crossed.

Well, have a good week folks, and watch out for the children playing in the snow!


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatment and writes about her experiences each week.

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