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Hey there… it's me, Kathy: Hoping this week is better than last

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

I’m frustrated and sad to say my week was crappy.

Everything was going well until Sunday night. I woke up about 3 a.m. and went to the bathroom. I really had to go but, no, my body said, ‘nope, not today, you had it too good this week, I think I'll make the next couple of days awful for you.’

I had three cups of Restoralax and… nothing, then a small enema the VON gave me… nothing. Then I remembered my senna leaf tea. Ah, relief!

In other medical news, I have to get my chemo again and then I have to get a full body scan to see if the chemo is working. I sure hope it is. Every time I get chemo there are new people. The fear in the new people's eyes is understandable and it reminds me of the fear that I carry. You are never out of the clear and it's always in the back of your mind. You get a pain and you wonder what it is.

And there is nothing worse than losing your hair in the winter and going six months without it. You are counting the months for chemo to be over. Usually, it’s six months and then radiation and your hair starts to grow in and you don't lose your hair.

Weight wise: I’m at 147. Pain-wise: My left shoulder is definitely at a pain level of 10.

For those of you just starting to read my column I'll fill you in a bit. I grew up in Glace Bay. I lived in Colchester County for a while and I now live in New Glasgow. When I was 46, I got breast cancer. You’re thinking now, well how old are you now? Ha, 60. I like the number and that I'm still around to tell about it. I went in remission for five years and I was so happy it was gone, then my arm got sore and it was back in my sternum. It went in my spine, and we killed that, but now it’s in another part of my spine and in my hips and a lot of other bones, but the only organ is my liver. I did have it in my brain but they used laser to kill it. I hope it’s gone, anyway. I will know if it’s gone when the body scan is done so keep your fingers crossed. I'll fill you in on more next week.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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