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Hey there... it's me, Kathy: Don’t tell me no

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec


Well, I spent most of the past week in the hospital. Four days to be exact.

The VON came to the house and took my blood pressure. A perfect blood pressure is 120/80; mine was 66/44. That was not good and she wanted me to go to the hospital. I didnt want to go so I started drinking water and finally the reading started going up. The nurse called the drug store to check the drugs Im on and called the doctor, who said to stop two of the pills for now.

I had to go to my doctor and she put me back on one of the pills. The heart pills I take are not for high blood pressure. They are a precaution for my heart on this chemo – it can cause a heart attack or stroke and I like to be on the preventative side.

I also went to another doctor to get my other toenail off and she decided not to. Well, you know me, there is no such word as cant so I went home and did it myself. It hurt more being there than it did taking it out. They said I could go to the foot clinic when it hurts.

And I got my chemo and it was the first time I ever really fell into a deep sleep outside of home.

I am having a lot of headaches lately, like my head is going to explode, and Im starting to stay up later and sleeping in later. Im starting to get the floaters again in my other eye now, making me worry I have a tumour on the other side.

My pain level is four out of 10 (not counting headaches), which is not too bad.

Everyone is talking about apple cider vinegar, all the good things it does. It helps the body clean out the bad.

In other health-related news, my youngest daughter went to the clinic in B.C. thinking she had a urinary tract infection. Thats not what it was; she had kidney stones. She passed one and said it was easier and less pain to have a baby than a stone. She has one more to pass. I feel so sorry for her. We are so far away and there is no way I can help her.

The way you know you have a urinary tract infection is it comes on gradually. You have to keep going to the bathroom too, and only a few drops come. And the pain takes quite a while to get worse. With kidney stones the pain is instant. Also, your pee should be almost clear – if it is dark there is a problem. Start by drinking lots of water and also pure cranberry juice – if it doesnt say pure its not. A kidney stone is like a jagged stone and it cuts coming out. Its from too much calcium.


To the woman who brought in the yarn and the other items, I want to thank you very much. And the dresses are beautiful; they are my granddaughters size. They are going to be sent to her in B.C.


Have a good week folks and, yes, its time to get the long johns out to keep all the lumberjacks warm… and the snowsuits for the children.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing treatment for cancer and writes about her experiences each week.

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