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Hey, it's me...Kathy: Needles, scans and some good news

So how was your week? Mine finally settled down from all the scans, doctor visits and all the needles.

Yes, you heard it right. Needles - tons of them. At least five of the the darn things for sure, and you know I hate needles. But I didn’t faint once!

I had my Muga scan done and I froze my arm before I went. That is a scan where you get two needles, 15 minutes apart, and they actually were not too bad. The technician said that I was well hydrated so it was easy to find the veins.

For this scan you wear your own clothes and you lie on the bed that’s attached to the machine. There are two wires put on your chest with sticky tape and it takes three scans of your heart from different sides. Each scan takes 10 minutes so the whole process is only about a half an hour not counting the needles - if you don’t faint on them! My needles, in that department, are all given to me lying down while everyone else gets the needles sitting in the chair. The scan checks the rate that your heart is working at. Think of your heart like a balloon and how much air is in there when it’s full and then when the air is expelled how much air is still being left inside. They look at the three sets of scans and then determine the number of the rate your heart is working. The rate starts at 55 and goes down from there my heart rate is at 47 so that’s not too bad because it’s holding close to the same rate since I started getting this medication. This number determines if I continue getting this chemo or not and it’s a cancer blocker drug so I really need it.

Mary took me to a recent oncologist appointment and while I was waiting I saw a friend there I hadn’t seen in years. It was really good to see her. Meanwhile, the wait was nerve wreaking but the doctor finally came and said everything looks great and not to worry about the little spot on the spine because it’s so small they can barely see it. It’s like I told you one other time ... I complain about getting my chemo but it’s an even worse thought of it being taken away.

The oncologist said I’m doing so good that I don’t need to see him for about four months and then I will only need blood cancer markers done and no scans!

I got my chemo and it was not too bad. I also saw the palliative care doctor and I went up another pain patch, but really it’s just two small ones to make one regular size, so I have one regular and two small patches now. When they are done I will be on one of the same strength all put together. And so far so good with no bruises.

My father and Janet came over to help me this week. They helped me at the market selling my wares. It wasn’t a great day but for me it is also my social day and I got to see a lot of people and talk a lot!

Elmo is doing great. For some reason he thinks our furniture needs some carvings in them so he has the art of furniture-chewing down to a science now even though I cannot catch him at it. He also thinks it’s funny to take his new pee pad and run with it. I guess he takes it with him in case he has to go on it when he is in another room. He learned to jump on the couch this week so the life of comfort as I knew it is now gone, but he is cute!

I haven’t been to yoga in the last couple of weeks so now with the patches on I should be able to give it a try again. Keep your fingers crossed.

Weight wise ... I can button my pants! Weight tip of the week: don’t buy the chips and cookies. Leave them in the store.

Have a good week folks and start looking for your rain boots!

Kathy Golemiec is a former resident and business owner in Stewiacke where she still has strong family connections. She currently lives in Westville. She is chronicling her challenges as she undergoes cancer treatments. Her column appears weekly in the Colchester Weekly News.

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