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Eat Together Day returning to Truro

Spanish stuffed peppers.
Spanish stuffed peppers. - Contributed

Ellen Greenan would like to see people connecting through food more often. 
The dietitian at Truro Atlantic Superstore hopes Eat Together Day will encourage people to do just that.
“When you’re with others, more effort usually goes into preparing a meal; when you’re by yourself you might opt for convenience items more often,” she said. “Eating with others also has huge benefits for mental health and it helps foster interpersonal relationships.”
She acknowledges eating with others can be a challenge. As a person who works long days and lives alone, she has to put extra effort into arranging meals with another person.
“We’re spending too much time on screens and not enough connecting with each other,” said Greenan. “When we eat in front of screens we’re less mindful and that has consequences for health. It’s easy to overeat if you’re focused on a screen.”
She said preparing meals with others can also play a big role in mental health.
To mark Eat Together Day, the Truro Superstore is holding a free barbecue from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Friday, June 14. Tables will be set up to allow people to relax and chat, and there will be music and children’s activities.
The new Canada’s Food Guide, released in January 2019, agrees food is an integral part of social interactions and celebrations, and that eating together can help reinforce positive eating habits.
An online pledge to encourage eating together more often can be found at
The new Canada's Food Guide encourages eating with others. Information on the benefits, and tips on how to do this more often, can be found on the Government of Canada website at

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