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Bigs and Littles: Big Sister match changed woman’s life

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester - Contributed

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was submitted by a Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colchester, who was matched with her Big for 11 years before graduating high school and going on to university.

As many of you may know, life is not always peaches and cream.

Every day we are faced with shimmers of smiles, and sadness, quite a bit of stress and even laughter. It’s something that none of us can hide from - life’s highs and lows. If we’re lucky, like really lucky, we won’t always have to go through it alone. Here is the story I’ve never shared, and the hope and love that got me through it all. Frankly, this is a thank-you letter.

Essentially, Big Brothers Big Sisters is a mentorship program aimed towards helping children and families in the community. The platform in which they do this creates a lifelong bond between you and your Little/Big. When you are matched with a Big or a Little, you are welcomed into a community of healers. Everyone involved in this non-profit organization is there because they want to be there, because they care. Personally, all I needed was to feel that someone cared when I was young.

Looking back, one of the biggest influences my Big had on me was simply giving me a book. She has always known me better than anyone, and the book she gave me planted the seed of a bookworm inside of me. I learned while I read, but it also distracted me from chaos happening all around me at home.

It has now been 11 years of being matched with my Big. She has been by my side through all my lows and all my highs; she has wiped away so many tears, she has been there to laugh with me at my teenage angst, and to give me advice from three provinces away when I moved to go to university.

It has now been 11 years of mentorship, friendship, laughs, and growth. My Big will always be my sister.

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of your Big/Little relationship that is important to take note of, some of those being the people working in the office. I have been lucky enough to receive numerous scholarships which would have otherwise not been presented to me. Even at university they have sent encouraging emails, read over my work and cheered me on.

As I end this, I am beginning to realize that it truly does take a village to raise a child. Without Big Brothers Big Sisters, it is hard to imagine I would be anywhere close to the woman I am today. My Big has inspired me and given me hope; she still does. Although, no matter how far I’ve come, I’ll always aim to be half the woman my Big Sister is. Thank you!

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