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102-year-old Truro woman actively volunteering for Poppy Campaign


Age doesn’t stop Florence Hamilton.

In fact, the 102-year-old loves volunteering and she was out in her Royal Canadian Legion uniform on the first day of this year’s Poppy Campaign.

“I’ve been doing this a long time,” she said. “I got involved shortly after I first came to Truro, in 1946. We used to have to stand on the street. We used to be cold.”

This time she was inside Sobeys, on Prince Street, with poppies on the morning of Oct. 26.

“I’ll do a few shifts with poppies,” she said.

“I was in the auxiliary about 68 years, and I worked at things all those years. I worked in the canteen when it opened, and I worked at bingo.”

Hamilton is a past president of the ladies’ auxiliary of the Truro Legion.

She grew up in Eastern Passage, and met her husband, who was in the military, there. He was from Truro, and she relocated when they married.

She now resides in an assisted living facility, and says there are always activities there to keep her busy, but being involved in the Poppy Campaign is still important to her.

“My husband was overseas two years, and my brother was in the service,” she said. “The money this raises goes to good work, and I like being out and meeting people.”

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