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Truro's FOOD Muster on the move

FOOD Muster on the move
FOOD Muster on the move - SaltWire Network

TRURO, N.S. - The FOOD Muster is planning to expand at a new location on Arthur Street, from where it will serve full steakhouse dinners – courtesy of its singing chef, Wayne Arnold.

The restaurant is moving to its new location at the end of the month, less than three years after it first opened for business on Revere Street in downtown Truro, where it did a roaring trade in breakfasts and brunches.  

“The demand in Truro for our food is spreading like the plague, which is a good plague,” said Arnold, who co-owns the restaurant with his partner Tammy Vaughan.

He said the new location boasts a full commercial kitchen including a convection oven, 10 propane burner stoves and a char broiler.

The new restaurant will also boast 55 seats and a full wine and beer menu to offer locally-sourced drinks to customers sitting down for their dinner steaks. According to its Facebook page, The FOOD Muster is keen on building links with local food producers for its dishes.

Arnold’s only concerns at this point are typical chef worries around storage and space. But the new kitchen has ample counter space for chefs to prep food.

Arnold was excited about the move and keen to expand to a full lunch and dinner service, saying the breakfasts and brunches now on offer were only the start of his career as a restaurant chef/owner.

However, some things won’t change for his staff, who listen to – some might say, are forced to tolerate – Arnold’s renditions of country music classics.

“I sing every day in the kitchen,” said Arnold. “I drive my poor sous chef crazy.”

Singing talent aside, though, Arnold’s cooking expertise is not to be underestimated. Arnold has worked alongside regional culinary heavyweights such as Michael Smith from Prince Edward Island and Ray Bear from Halifax, as well as other big-name chefs in Canada and abroad.

Earlier in his chef’s career he worked for other restaurants, before branching out and starting his own.

“Now I do it for myself,” said Arnold.

The FOOD Muster’s new location is at 127 Arthur Street, just two-and-a-half blocks or so away from their present home.

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