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Truro’s Commercial Street to begin a major facelift come 2019

These two buildings on Commercial Street are due for a full-scale makeover of their strip that will end in 2020.
These two buildings on Commercial Street are due for a full-scale makeover of their strip that will end in 2020. - Fram Dinshaw

Major project expected to be complete by spring 2020

Two downtown buildings are receiving a much-needed sprucing up come the New Year.

The building that houses both Ali Naser’s Pizza and Tallyman Gold and Coin on 1-5 Commercial Street is the first in line for renovations from its very foundations up, running for two months until March 1. This will be followed by the adjoining structure at 9-11 Commercial Street, which will receive more office and retail space.

“My father Jamie Bagnell is the landlord of that space and he sees that there’s going to me a lot more demand for more space and essentially, he wanted to not only make it more functional, so people can have the space, but make it look nice so it would complement the town,” said Gabriel Bagnell, sales and market representative for Queen’s Realty Ltd.

The renovations began after Jamie Bagnell commenced talks with the Town of Truro’s Heritage Committee and agreed to restore the buildings to how they originally looked, under ‘The Common Works’ program.

The neighbouring building at 9-11 Commercial Street will have a first floor devoted completely to retail space, totaling 10,000 square feet. Its upper floors will receive 20,000 square feet of office space, according to Gabriel Bagnell.

The building section covering 9 Commercial Street will be expanded to a complete two-storey structure and an extra third level will be laid out on top.

“We’re very excited for it,” said Gabriel.

Meantime, 1-5 Commercial will be lifted up on new foundations. Nadia Jardine, the girlfriend of Ali Naser, said before Christmas that the building housing their pizza restaurant is leaning slightly.

Their building is a heritage structure in need of a facelift, which will include items such as new sidings, walls and windows. Its upper levels will be converted into office space.

Ali Naser’s Pizza will benefit from a revamped washroom area and a new air exchange unit to keep its kitchen cooler.

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