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Truro the fifth foggiest community in Canada


TRURO - A national study ranks Truro among the foggiest communities in the country.
Environment Canada's David Phillips compiled weather winners by looking at 30 years of weather data. Communities with a population of at least 10,000 people were ranked in 72 different categories, including hottest summer, driest city and most wet days. The study was conducted in 2005.
Truro ranked fifth among the foggiest behind only St. John's, N.L.; Halifax, Saint John, N.B. and Gander, N.L.
"That's interesting," Phillips told the Truro Daily News on Friday. "I would have been surprised too."
He said there were a few surprises in the report but he had not noticed this one.
While many of the top 10 are near water not all of them are coastal communities. Following Truro are: Sydney; Sudbury, Ont.; North Bay, Ont.; Prince George, B.C.; and Pembroke, Ont. The category is defined as the greatest number of days annually with an occurrence of fog. Truro's value of 75.74 falls far behind top-ranked St. John's, which had a value of 118.96.
"I always think that we embellish the fog statistic," Phillips said. "If you had a day at 3 a.m. when fog appeared and blew away in a half an hour, that would still be a day of fog."
He pointed to fog from the Bay of Fundy as well as another factor for Truro's ranking.
"You can also, in Truro, get what we call radiation fog," he said. "It has nothing to do with the water; it's just the fact that the land cools off and, particularly in the fall, you'll get a bank of fog that will appear (and) may just last until the sun comes up."
The fog ranking was the only time Truro made the top 10, while making the bottom 10 in the list five times, including: Most sunny days in warm months, sunniest spring, sunniest summer, sunniest year-round and fewest fog days.

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