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Truro businessman using technology to simplify the waste bin cleaning process

Fresh out of college, owner Mitchell Johnston put his business training to use by starting 360º Bin Cleaning, a mobile garbage bin cleaning service in Truro.
Fresh out of college, owner Mitchell Johnston put his business training to use by starting 360º Bin Cleaning, a mobile garbage bin cleaning service in Truro.

TRURO, N.S. – A new company is taking the hassle – and stink – out of compost bin cleaning and care.

360º Bin Cleaning is a new company in Truro offering mobile and automated garbage bin cleaning services for those who don’t want to do the messy task themselves.

The service is completely mobile, and the company goes directly to customers’ homes to clean the bins.

“It’s a pretty simple service, but it is all mobile and completely contained,” said Mitchell Johnston, owner of 360º Bin Cleaning.

“We have a system that is set up in the back of our cube van, which lifts the bin over an automated spray head and cleans out all the gunk. After it’s cleaned, we spray the inside with a scented cherry deodorizer.”

The 21-year-old business owner recently graduated from the international business course at NSCC, and created the company after talking to his father about the idea.

“My father, George Johnston, used to run a waste management place here in Truro, and he thought this idea would be a good service for people,” said Johnston.

“From there, I did some research to see what was out there similar to it and found there was a huge market for it, but there was only a dozen companies across Canada, two of which are in Halifax.”

He began looking into the cleaning systems themselves, and came to a decision.

“I found you could buy the cleaning systems from a few different companies, but I decided to build my own system to cut back on costs. I rounded up a few different trades people, they constructed their bits and it all came together,” he said.

The system allows for the process to be more automated, and can clean a bin in 30-60 seconds, depending on how dirty it is.

The company offers three cleaning plans for private customers, with options for a one-time, bi-weekly or monthly bin cleanings starting at $14.99 a cleaning.

While the company has only been running for just shy of a month, reception is good, and clients have already given them work.

“Majority of the work we have done so far has been commercial work,” said Johnston.

“The reception has been really good though, as most people don’t like cleaning their bins themselves since it is pretty messy. We recently did some work for the municipality and cleaned out the bins before they recycled them.”

Aside from garbage bin cleaning, they also offer dumpster cleaning for restaurants and other businesses, as well as pressure washing services.

While the service is seasonal, Johnston recommends people either get their bins cleaned or clean them themselves at least once a month, especially in the warmer months.

“As you continue to use them, especially during the summer, the bins will get stinky again,” he said.

“Washing them once a month will help keep away smells, insects and rodents, and will make the area safer and more pleasant for playing kids or people walking in the area.”

Information on 360º Bin Cleaning can be found at 360º or on their Facebook page.

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