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Tim Hortons announces new site in Cavendish

Tim Hortons is introducing a new incentive program.
Tim Hortons is opening a new location in Cavendish. - Contributed
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy

CAVENDISH, P.E.I. - The owner of the Tim Hortons franchise in P.E.I. says they’re not leaving Cavendish.

The Guardian reported on Friday that Tim Hortons was pulling out of the Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk and was exploring other location options.

Danny Murphy said Tim Hortons will be moving into the Petro-Canada service station on Cavendish Road once construction is complete.

“They tore that service station down (recently) and they’re putting up a brand new one and we are going to be inside that with a beautiful drive-thru,’’ Murphy told The Guardian.

Murphy said no thought was ever given to leaving Cavendish when the decision was made to pull out of the boardwalk location.

“We are not leaving Cavendish at all,’’ he said. “We love it there. It’s a great summertime business. Tourism is very strong as everyone knows so that’s where we’re going. We feel that it’s a much superior location.’’

Murphy said the ability to put in a drive-thru at the new Petro-Canada location was the key factor in the decision.

On Thursday, the Maritime Fun Group, which operates the Mariner’s Cove Boardwalk, announced that it was filling in the gap left by Tim Hortons with a new Starbucks, which will operate in what is being called the Seaside Café.

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