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Scotsburn marks 30 years of investing in the international community

For the past three decades, Scotsburn dairy producers in Atlantic Canada have been giving back to the world around them through their Third World Development Fund.

Now they are celebrating their fund’s 30th anniversary with a scholarship investment in Coady International Institute. 

Scotsburn will be making a donation of $4,000 to the world-famous institute, with the goal of helping a citizen leader enhance their leadership skills, strengthen their ability to confront issues facing development in their homeland and develop strategic planning skills to make the changes they desire.

“Scotsburn is very proud of its producers for their enthusiasm to make a difference in communities and lives around the world,” said Jim Burrows, chair of the board of directors of Scotsburn. “We estimate that more than $600,000 has been raised through this fund over the past 30 years. That’s on top of the many other donations our producers make to fundraisers in their own communities. It’s a testament to their desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives, both locally and globally.”

Kathleen Provost, associate director of fundraising and communications at Coady Institute, welcomed the scholarship donation.

“The Institute owes much of its success to our many donors and supporters, such as Scotsburn,” said Provost. “Donations like these help us equip passionate community leaders and organizers with the skills and tools they need to make positive changes back home. Last year, for example, Bartolo Teul of Belize was thrilled to receive support from Scotsburn, which made his Coady education possible.” 

Scotsburn’s Third World Development Fund is making a total of six financial donations this year, totalling more than $13,000. In addition to the Coady Institute, the fund will make donations to the Canadian Hunger Foundation, Heri Njema Widows Development Program, Horizons of Friendship, Purnea Social and Educational Society and the Wishing Wells Society. 

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