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Nova Scotia metal fabricators receive federal funding

Six Nova Scotian steel and aluminum companies will tap into $2,479,501 in federal funding, to help moderinize by purchasing advanced machinery and robots, it was announced Thursday.

  • MacKenzie Atlantic Tool & Die | Machining in Musquodoboit Harbour is receiving $550,000 for two computer numerical control (CNC) machines and a robot to load and unload the machine.
  • Tri-Star Industries Ltd. in Yarmouth is receiving $550,000 to purchase new equipment and expand its ambulance manufacturing facility.
  • East Coast Metal Fabrication in Edwardsville, is receiving $500,000 to improve its infrastructure so it can diversify its operations to include aquaculture construction.
  • IMO Foods Ltd. of Yarmouth is receiving $325,000 for a robotic sterilization system.
  • Hawboldt Industries Ltd. in Chester is receiving $306,602 for automated manufacturing equipment to produce brass castings for fishing boat shafts, as well as build an on-site bed to test large marine cranes.
  • Waldale Manufacturing Ltd. in Amherst is receiving $247,899 for high-speed manufacturing equipment to produce licence plates.

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