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'Local Love Truro' movement building momentum on social media

TRURO - If Facebook activity is any sign, local shops and restaurants should prepare for a surge in business this Saturday.

Samantha Madore, with Bliss Productions, has started a grassroots movement that has picked up momentum on social media. A Little Local Love: Truro is aimed at getting local residents out shopping at local businesses this Saturday. Photo by Joanne Bouley

Truro resident Samantha Madore has started a grassroots movement that has been picking up momentum since it began earlier this month when she created a Facebook event called A Little Local Love: Truro.

"I had seen a similar event for the Halifax area and I thought it was a great idea," she said in a press release. "It has been a long winter, and we've all been shut-ins.

"Independent shops and restaurants have struggled. I'm inviting everyone to get out and start enjoying everything Truro has to offer. It's amazing to see how quickly the word is spreading on Facebook."

For social media professional Michelle McCann, that comes as no surprise.

"Social media is a fantastic way to build a community," said McCann, who recommends adding hashtags like #LocalLoveTruro to posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Doing so makes content discoverable by like-minded people and businesses.

"Imagine if you kept hearing people around you mention a common topic. If you hear it frequently enough, you're going to want more information. A hashtag is like that on social media, and you can find out more with a simple click."

The #LocalLoveTruro hashtag is showing up on posts of people who are sharing their plans for April 25, and has gained the attention of the local businesses that are being named in the posts.

"This is an unexpected and exciting show of support," said downtown merchant Rebecca Taylor, who opened her Pearl & Daisy store a year ago on Inglis Place. "We see more and more people who prefer to shop at locally-owned businesses because we offer a unique and vibrant experience. Shopping and dining downtown is fun, and we're happy to be a part of that."

For her part, Madore intends to focus her plans for Saturday around the downtown core. With stops at the Truro Farmers' Market, Clay Cafe, and Hub Grub on her list, she's also taking up the challenge of one Facebook user to visit at least one place she's never been to before.


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