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Federal government announces $8.3 million to strengthen and grow country’s organic sector

Lawrence MacAulay, federal minister of agriculture.
Lawrence MacAulay, federal minister of agriculture. - SaltWire Network

As the organic food industry continues to the grow in Canada, the federal government has announced a multi-million-dollar investment to the Organic Federation of Canada, under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, AgriScience Clusters.

The $8.3 million funding is a research investment will help the organic sector enhance productivity through better soil health and fertility management, advance crop breeding research, improved pest management and evaluate the environmental impacts of organic farm practices.

Research and innovation are vital to ensuring this sector continues to grow to help meet consumer demands. Retail sales of organic food products have grown, on average, by double digits over the past decade, with current sales estimated at $5.4 billion across Canada.

Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and Islander, Lawrence MacAulay says the demand for Canadian organic products continues to grow around the world.

“Today’s significant investment into the science of organic agriculture will help our organic farmers grow more and grow better. And, we are pleased to support the Canadian Organic Standards, which are the backbone of the organic industry.”

MacAulay also announced an additional investment of $292,555 to the Organic Federation of Canada under the federal Canadian Agricultural Adaptation program.

The funding will assist industry in streamlining the review process of the Canadian Organic Standards and improve the country’s organic competitiveness and international market access.

The recent announcement builds on the January funding of $250,000 toward the Canadian General Standards Board to complete the 2020 review of the Canadian Organic Standards.

“This funding will allow researchers to continue improving the sustainability of agricultural practices, which is at the heart of organic production. The Canadian Organic Sustainability Framework supports the entire organic value-chain and review of the Canadian Organic Standards, which is essential for maintaining our integrity and competitiveness on the world stage,” said James Robbins, president of the Organic Federation of Canada.

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